Frequently Asked Questions

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These questions are examples of most asked about subjects in our store and on the website and we hope you find the information useful. If your query is not answered, please contact us by telephone, Facebook or email and we will do all we can to help!

When should I start looking for my dress?

We believe that it is never too early to start looking as it is a very important decision. Some brides find it best to do some research into the local bridal stores and visit the bridal fairs, while others just go to a store that has been recommended and fall in love with their dream dress on their first trip out! One thing is for sure – you will know when you have found your dress as you can’t stop thinking about it, no other dress in existence compares to it and you never ever want to take it off (even if it is our store sample and you have had it on for 3 hours!) Most brides start to look seriously around 12 months before and an order should be confirmed no less than 6 months before to allow for delivery and alterations. If you don’t have this much time before your big day – don’t panic! We have our Gowns to Go collection just for you, with over an amazing selection of gorgeous gowns in size 8-28 in stock.

Why do you ask for at least 6 months to order a dress?

The average delivery for a wedding dress from our designers is 16-20 weeks and then we have to start the critical alterations to ensure your dress fits you to perfection!  The delivery time is always an estimation of when the dress will arrive in store and delays can occur during busy periods, Christmas and New Year and Bank Holidays! We always say “as soon as you have found your dress- order it!” If your wedding timescale doesn’t allow for the delivery time, just check our our Bridal Gowns to Go Outlet which includes a huge collection of dresses ‘off the peg!’

Do I need appointment to look at your dresses?

We always recommend booking an appointment with us wherever possible to avoid being disappointed and the easiest way is to give us a call as the diary changes constantly! The appointment system we run is in place to ensure that everyone who walks into our store has the time and attention they deserve! We don’t mind if you do pop in to browse as we will always try and fit you in if we can, but please be aware that if there is already a customer booked in, they will always have priority. We have found that this is the fairest way to ensure everyone is happy!

What happens when I come in to try on dresses?

We are a happy and friendly store and you will always be greeted with a smile! We will start by having a chat and show you around the dresses with a quick tour of the shop! Some ladies start picking out styles they like straight away, while others really have no idea where to start so we are always on hand to offer suggestions! We are very lucky to have 2 private rooms, complete with seating areas and changing cubicles so you will have one to yourself. We start trying on the dresses that have already been selected and see how we get on! We usually can’t resist going back out to the dress rail to choose a few more for you to try, once we have seen what suits you and what you like. Have a read of our blog for extra advice and info:

I am going abroad to get married but I still want a stunning dress - any ideas?

Around a third of all of the weddings we do involve some kind of travel. We have sent brides with gorgeous dresses all over the world from Las Vegas, Florida, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand and even on a frozen lake in Austria so we have plenty of experience in getting you and the dress to your destination! We ensure that the selection of gowns we have include those suitable for weddings abroad, and just because you are heading far away does not mean you have to sacrifice the dress of your dreams. The gowns we have range from the slinky and straight chiffon floaty designs to the larger satin and tulle dresses that with careful packing, will emerge at the other end with barely a crease on them. We also have a selection of travel boxes that fit perfectly into the overhead cabins so your dress never has to leave your sight! We can even help you pack your dress so you know how to re-pack it for your return journey.

I am a size 24 and I am having trouble finding dresses to try on, so how am I supposed to know what suits me?

We believe that everyone should have fun and enjoy trying on dresses and finding their perfect gown, whether they are a size 14, 24 or 34. We have always had sample try on gowns over a size 20 but we have never really made a big thing of it! Our in store samples for you to try on are in sizes 14-28 with dresses available to order in sizes 6-36. Our Blog has lots of interesting articles about what to expect when you come in to see us:

I am on a diet and trying to loose weight, how do you know what size dress to order?

It seems that virtually everyone tries to loose weight for their wedding when in fact they are perfect as they are! Our policy is to order for whatever size will fit you when you place the order. This doesn’t mean you can leave it right to the last minute as it is preferable to order at least 6 months before your big day. We measure you and each designer has its own size chart. We look on the chart and order whichever measurement is your biggest bit as we can take in but we can only let out by however much fabric is in the side seams of the gown. It is vital to remember that you will always look better in a gown taken in to fit perfectly, than squeezed into a too small gown let out to its maximum.

Do you do a payment plan?

We design individual payment schemes for each bride depending on date of wedding and amount of order, as we need to take into account our designers delivery times and our fitting schedule. We understand that weddings are expensive and we always try to help as best we can!

What happens when my dress arrives?

We will let you know as soon as your gown arrives in store and any balance will then become payable. We will then store it for you until it is time for alterations to begin. We will call you in for alterations and once they are completed your gown will be pressed and prepared for your wedding day. It is usual for the dress to remain with us until just before the wedding as it is one thing less for you to worry about!

Are the fittings and alterations extra?

Our alterations are chargeable and the cost will vary depending on each person and dress because everybody is different. We are able to give you an estimate of your alterations costs once you have chosen a style and this is the whole cost including fitting appointments and necessary work. Our sewing room has been fitting and altering bridal wear for nearly 30 years and we use every ounce of this knowledge, experience and training to ensure the final fit is fabulous! Check out for further sewing information.

Why is the underwear and shoes so important for the alterations?

When we start alterations to your gown it is vital that you have the bra and shoes that you are going to wear on the wedding day as a change of bra will alter the fit. If you decide that you do not need or want to wear a bra, it is not a problem just let us know on your first fitting. Many of our bridal dresses have absolutely fabulous hidden corsetry, and a bra may not be necessary, so please phone and check with us if you are unsure. We advise against Basques as we find they finish too high for the dress and the bones can be visible through the fabric.
The shoes are also important as most dresses will arrive too long and the hem will have to be shortened. We need to be sure before we cut off the hem that it is the right length, as we always point out that we can’t glue it back on once it has been shortened! We have been altering with the bridal industry for nearly 30 years so we like to get the fit as perfect as possible!

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